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Hi I'm Prana,

I'm a meditation guide. I teach and practice through the Anahata yoga tradition, a system of practice from the Himalayan mountains. 

In essence, what  I do is guide you into trance and heart coherent states of being. These have multiple uses and physical benefits but fundamentally they are the skills you need for deep inner integration and (r )evolution. When your mind changes, when your energy changes, your reality changes.

I'm also an OMNI certified hypnotherapist, specialized in spiritual hypnotherapy. Hypnosis is healing in trance, a system of practice evolved in Europe but with it's roots linked to India ;) The study of hypnosis provides a 'technical' insight into trance, the subconscious mind and higher states of consciousness. I'm pleased to say, trance is a natural human ability, and by practicing this skill you will be able to transform anything you want into a meditation as unique as you. Meditation is creation.

Many blessings.

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